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We raised a shade under one thousand pounds for our charities this year so far.


Cheques will go to the Children's Ward at the CWM Hospital in Suva, Fiji, and to the St Luke's Hospice in Kenton Grange, Kenton, Harrow. 

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1.                              When was the Club founded and by whom

1976. By Fiji expatriates and students.


2.                              Who are the Office Bearers?

Please see the Section headed CONTACT US.


3.                              Who can become a member ?

Anyone who was born in Fiji or has an interest in Fiji and its affairs and agrees to follow its rules


4.                              Cost of Membership?

Annual Subscription: FAMILY rate: £7.00. SINGLE rate: £5.00. All subscriptions expire on 31 March.


5.                              There are two names of the Club on this site. Why?

The Club was founded in 1976 and was called "The Fiji Club" To give more direct expression to its activities, it was changed to "The Fiji Cultural & Social Club" while keeping its old name as a short name.


                         How much is donated to charities?

To give an example: last year the Club donated two lots of £300 to "The Children of Fiji Trust" In 2010, the Club organised a Charity Walk in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, and contributed about£800. This year the Club remitted £300 each to the Children's Department of the CWM Hospital, Suva; and £300 to the St Luke's Hospice in Kenton, Harrow.


                              How often does the Club hold functions?

Perhaps one or two functions each year.  Usually in July and October. If there is sufficient justification, another function may be considered. A Sponsored Walk is held  at the Ruislip Lido, usually in September. The dates of these events are posted on the website.


                              What is the view of the Fiji Cultural & Social Club on politics in UK & Fiji?

Purely a social association, The Fiji Cultural & Social Club is devoted to serving people of all political and religious persuasion. It does not indulge in politics and political affairs of any country. It is not influenced by any person or ideology. The Club is open to all and all are welcome -  regardless of class, creed, race,or political beliefs or affiliations.



                           What is the aim of the Fiji Cultural & Social Club?

The main aim is to raise funds through its social activities to contribute to charities in the UK and Fiji. Another outcome of its activities is to encourage members to keep in touch with each other and to keep in touch with events back in Fiji.































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